Video Depositions

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Our service is be the best, the easiest, the quickest, and the most cost efficient service you can get.
Del Cid Productions uses Zoom Video Conferencing software to host and record high quality depositions.

Del Cid Production records high quality video with state of the art audio and video equipment.


  • Fast Set-Up: Our state of the art equipment allows us to fully set up in a short period of time
  • Great Audio Quality: One of the most important aspects of a video depositions is the audio quality. Our Compact equipment is the same equipment used my many studio recording musical artists.
  • Non-Stop Recording: Our recording will only stop for requested record breaks
  • Synchronized Transcript: Our software will synchronize the video with the provided transcript and any included exhibits in a very easy to use and intuitive format.
  • Digital and CD Videos: We can Provide CD copies and Digital Copies of any video for a small fee


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