Our Approach

Del Cid Productions would love to conduct business with you. We know that the going rates for the services that we offer can burn a hole in you or your clients pocket... so we keep our prices very competitive.

Del Cid Productions offers excellent and professional service at a better rate then all competitors.

Our Story

Del Cid Productions was founded in 2017 by Kevin Del Cid while working with at McLachlan Law in Hermosa Beach, CA. Just a 20 year old physics student at the time, Mr. Del Cid decided to start this new venture. With the help of Micheal McLachlan esq., he learned what it takes to properly videotape a deposition by attending several depositions just to study. By 2017, Mr. Del Cid felt he was fully ready to begin filming on his own. Mr. Del Cid maxed out his first credit card and bought his camera and microphone set.

Mr. Del Cid was not new to videography at all. He graduated from Lawndale High School in 2014, where he spent 4 years in the Academy of Media Arts. This is where Mr. Del Cid learned a variety of media production skills ranging from dramatic production, film production, animation, music production, and video editing. Within this time frame, he learned how to use Final Cut Pro, Maya, and Garage Band. Not to mention he had become really handy with a camera.

Social Media

Mr. Del Cid started learning about the power of social media from none other then his sister, Herceny Del Cid, who has been Social Media Director of several large companies in the South Bay as well as some professional sports organizations.

Mr. Del Cid started work with A Classic Tours, a travel operator. At this company, Mr. Del Cid utilized Google advertising as well as Facebook and Instagram advertising to increase their website traffic from 200 people per week to 1400 per week within a month.

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