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Del Cid Productions specializes in filming legal depositions. Our California notarized videographers are capable of filming all witnesses, including experts. Our video rates will not break the bank.

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If you had the option of having a videotaped copy of all depositons you take, would you do it?

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Video Depositions

Del Cid productions provides the highest quality video depositions on the market while staying extremely competitive. Although Cheap Court reporting can get you a transcript, a legal video testimony can give you much more.

Our expert videographers are trained to achieve high quality audio and video for your Deposition.

Convince the Jury

As you know, there is a large amount of influence that a video can carry. Written testimony cannot always capture a witnesses "true" testimony.

Body language, speech cadence, choice of diction, and even dress attire can show a jury and your opposition what written testimony cannot capture.



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